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Custom Mouldings

custom mouldings

In 2009 NHBS continued its commitment to excellence by acquiring several new pieces of equipment. These new tools include a moulding machine that cuts custom profile mouldings and trim in your choice of wood species. Our full-service, custom profile millwork facility is capable of up to 12” custom profiles in just about any species of wood or PVC. Our finished surface is chatter free and ready for your choice of finish.

Our in-house state-of-the-art moulding machine has the ability to run custom moulding profiles that you designed, or match existing profiles found in your remodeling or renovation project. Supply us with a sketch that includes approximate dimensions and we will custom run it for you, or try to find a close match to one of the thousands of mouldings that have been run in the past. Either way, you will get exactly what you need to meet the specifications of your project.

custom moulding bit curved moulding custom moulding

Custom Millwork

custom corbels

What is that special something your project needs to be ‘just right’? Is it custom made millwork, such as corbels or bracket assemblies that are of an historic architectural design? Or, is it a select combination of mouldings, when put together, provide a special profile or look needed to accentuate an important architectural element? Does it require a special wood species, or do you need it made of PVC? Whatever your projects require, New Home’s Custom Millwork shop can meet your needs using the highest quality materials, and craftsmanship!

New Home’s custom services include, but are not limited to, milling custom moulding profiles in wood or PVC. If necessary, providing those wood or PVC mouldings curved per your specification. We can reproduce corbels, bracket assemblies, etc. to match the historical trim on an old building, or fabricate from a new design. Let us take a look at your requirements; just give us a call or come by; we will be pleased to meet your needs!

custom millwork custom brackets custom trim

Custom Doors

cistom doors

New Home Building Supply has been offering the finest in interior and exterior doors since 1939. We offer them in slab, or pre-hung in nearly every style, configuration, and material imaginable. With technological and energy code changes, New Home continues to evolve, bringing higher standards of excellence and more customer options to the table. Door and glass designs were selected to satisfy a wide variety of architectural tastes. On the custom side, your imagination is the limit. Like a piece of fine furniture, a wood door adds warmth, prestige and value to your home. Now with the addition of Lemieux’s Torrified doors and jam assemblies, a wood door is offered with a 20 year warranty, so come by and check out all the options.

custom interior doors custom size custom door casings
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