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interior millwork

Interior Millwork

New Home Building Supply Co. has a long history (since 1939) of providing not only the best in interior millwork, but also the widest selection of stock and custom millwork in the area. Because of our ability to respond so effectively in making design dreams come true, we have made the seemingly difficult millwork solutions (even that which was thought to be nearly impossible) come to life in residential, commercial/institutional, and historical projects all across the Carolina’s and Virginia. From columns, to stair parts, to specialized flexible mouldings, to exotic species with complex profiles, we meet your needs. Our website offers an overview, but there is so much available that we could not put it all in. So, we invite you to bring in your millwork designs, dreams, and desires in so we can explore them to find a way to make them come to life for you.



There are literally hundreds of moulding profiles, in varying thicknesses, and widths, in existence today. Some are routinely used while others are no longer inventoried by the ‘big box stores’, forcing you to accept something less for your project. At New Home Building supply, we don’t think you should settle for second best! That is why we have the area’s broadest selection, with the greatest depth of inventory of so called ‘stock’ mouldings in several species and composite. Of course, if the ‘stock’ profiles do not meet your needs, or you want something extra special, using our in house custom moulding milling facilities, we will run whatever you need in whatever species. Oh, you want that in PVC, or custom ‘bent’ to a particular radius – well, we can handle that as well. Again, there is so much to offer, the website cannot begin to do it justice. Come by, we will show you the huge selection of ‘stock’ items, as well as the custom materials. If you have time, we give you a tour through our custom shop so you can see that in operation first hand.



Windows is a very large millwork category! There is a lot to take into consideration when making a window selection for your particular project. A window is not just a window anymore! At New Home Building Supply, we offer everything from vinyl replacement window sash, to the finest clad windows available. Of course, we offer all styles for new construction, remodeling, and even custom made (in our own shop). Today, there are many different materials, colors, glass types, mullion configurations, etc. to choose from. The choices are potentially overwhelming; we have the expertise, and product lines, to provide you with the right information that will allow you to make the best window selection consistent with your project needs, all from America’s best window manufacturers. Give us a call, or come by with your requirements. In our showroom, we will show the many different windows available, relative to your specifications, to ensure the best selection is made for your job.

exterior doors

Exterior Doors

The proper selection of exterior doors, today, is extremely important! The style & material choice of the entry door should complement the style of the building, while providing long life and performance for years to come. Should your door selection be wood, composite, PVC, fiberglass, Torrified wood, or what; what style door: six-panel, glass insert, with side lights, what kind of glass, etc. are all questions that need careful consideration in the context of the specific job requirements. New Home Building Supply offers door slabs, or pre-hung doors (with your choice of hinge, and pre-drilled for your choice of hardware) from a huge selection (many in stock) of exterior doors, in many materials, all from North America’s best manufacturers. In our showroom, using our expertise, you can make an informed door selection decision, which will provide years of top performance and service, based on the specific needs of your project. Taking time to make an informed decision means you don’t have to settle for something less than you need, but more importantly, you will rest easy knowing that your selection is the right selection for your project.

interior doors

Interior Doors

Like exterior doors, for the project to be successful, the choice of interior doors must complement the interior style and feel of the building interior. Just because ‘the big box stores’ offer a limited selection, is no reason for you to settle for something less than what you really want for your project; there is a huge array of interior door styles, sizes, materials, etc. to choose from. At New Home Building Supply. We have all the options available to choose from; many already are in our inventory, or quickly available from America’s best manufacturers. We will provide slab only, or pre-hung, pre-drilled for hardware and with your choice of hinge – stainable, unprimed, or primed ready to paint. Because we offer a huge selection of mouldings, you can choose from a nearly endless array of mouldings on any pre-hung door assembly. Please, call or come by our Greensboro showroom facilities to learn more about what is available – you will be amazed.



Builder hardware is a term that covers a lot of territory. Most people are not aware that there is so much to choose from in door knobs, lock sets, hinges, etc. There is interior hardware, and exterior hardware. There are just about as many finish combinations as you can think of. There is a significant number of choices when it comes to style, quality of material (including the interior works of lock sets, interior latch assemblies, most of which are not offered at the ‘big box stores’. New Home Building Supply offers hardware from the best manufacturers to complement any budget, style, or quality specification. We maintain a full, in depth, display of hardware to aid in your making an informed selection. So, we invite you to take the opportunity to visit our showroom, or give us a call to learn more about the many options in hardware that can make the difference between ‘ordinary’ and ‘spectacular’ for your project.

security products

Security Products

Security products are a relatively new category in the building products industry. Proper selection is important to the success of the project. With the advent of technology, keyless entry systems for exterior doors have become quite popular. Of course, esthetically pleasing integration of these systems into entry door hardware is extremely important. New Home Building Supply offers the latest in security doors and window systems, as well as keyless and keyed entry lock systems to complement any architectural style. Architecturally correct, entry sets to fit all budgets, finish, and user friendly criteria are available and manufactured from America’s top companies. We maintain a full line of security doors, windows, and keyed or keyless entry system hardware, in all finishes, in our showroom to aid in your selection. Take a look here for an overview, but for more ‘hands-on’ selection, come by, or give us a call. We will be most pleased to help you with your selection needs.



Shutters are another architectural element that must be ‘just right’ on any building to make it a success! We understand that at New Home Building Supply. We have gone to great pains to select the best in shutter manufacturers, all offering something different to meet an architectural style, create a special look, or feel while providing the best in materials and workmanship. While there are many ‘stock’ styles to choose from, we also offer custom shutter products. Regardless the selection criteria for your project, we can provide a shutter product to fullfil your needs. Our showroom maintains a large display of shutters from numerous manufacturers; we are confident that you will find what you are looking for, so give us a call or come by. We will be happy to help you make the right shutter decision for your project.

outdoor products

Outdoor products

Exterior products are a category that covers everything from decking, to rail systems. There are the traditional pressure treated wood products, as well as the latest in composite decking and rail systems. There are even clear glass rail systems, as well as other styles incorporating metal fabricated designs. As you might imagine, there is a lot to look at when considering any product in this category. New Home’s staff is well versed in all of these products, and we maintain a showroom display of many different outdoor products, to help you make the best choice for your project. Take a look here to learn more, or give us a call, or come by our Greensboro showroom for more of a ‘hands-on’ experience.

exterior trim and siding

Exterior Trim / Siding

Exterior trim and siding is a building product category that covers a lot of different products, using many different materials. With the advent of composites, vinyl, PVC, cement based materials, recycled/green materials in use in siding and trim materials, the choices are almost overwhelming. We are providing here an overview of these products; however, there is much more that you would like to know about making the right choice in this category. Rightly so, as the right siding and trim choices made at the time of constructing your project will pay dividends in longevity of service and minimal maintenance costs for years to come. We are here to help you make the best choice for your project; we have the expertise to help you make the right choice for your job, so take a look here and then give us a call or come by our Greensboro Showroom to see and feel the actual products.

composite wood trim

Composite Wood Trim

The use of PVC in exterior trim products has become ‘main stream’. The reason is that these products are offered in a myriad of profiles, surface textures, and they install just like wood using the same tools. These materials are offered in sheet form ranging from 3/8” to 1” thickness, 4’ wide and several different lengths. They do not have to be painted, but will accept paint offering very long durability because they do not absorb moisture. Learn more about these outstanding, durable, and moisture proof products here. We have them in inventory for immediate shipment. Want to know more, give us a call, or come by to take a look at them in person. We will be pleased to provide you more information in context of your particular job application.

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